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Nutrela -- Textured Soya Granules, Chunks and Mini Chunks

Nutrela is Ruchi's registered brand for its range of Textured Soya Protein (TSP). Nutrela is made from exceptionally high quality soya flour, which is the world's most efficient source of protein. It comprises minimum 55% protein on moisture-free basis and contains all the essential amino acids required for human nutrition.

Nutrela (TSP) is characterized by its chunks and granular form in its natural colour. The product complies with Indian and International standards. It is bland in flavour and is odourless when compared to other extruded textured soya products. This is due to the exceptionally high quality of soya flour from which it is manufactured.

Nutrela - an ideal product for vegetarians & non-vegetarians too.
A 100% vegetarian product of high protein value, Nutrela could be easily used in a variety of dishes such as Thakkaali, Stuffed Parathas, Kababs, South Indian Upma, Sambar, Pulao, Peas Curry, Dahi Vada, Soup, Kheer, Sombrero Spread, Patties, Shahi Pulao, Crispy Samosas, Burgers, etc., thereby enhancing their nutritional value.

100% vegetarian, Nutrela is also used as an excellent meat extender, enabling the non-vegetarians to beat the high cost of raw/cooked meat products. (When hydrated 2.5:1 water to dry Nutrela the sodium content is 6mg/100gms. Raw beef, pork and poultry contain 65mg/100gms). It has also been proved that Nutrela used as a meat substitute is more nutritious and healthy than meat.

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